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Fission fizz - a food forensic investigation

Fission fizz - a food forensic investigation - Glasgow Scientific Services

The project: Food Forensics – Fission Fizz

The challenge: The project was designed to provide young people with a real life practical example of a food forensic investigation.

The people and partners: Staff from Glasgow Scientific Services worked with science teachers at Springburn Academy, STEMNET and the Scottish Food and Drink Federation to provide a project that involved analysing a fictitious soft drink for the presence of permitted and non permitted artificial food colourings.

Our modern apprentices played an integral part in developing and rolling out this project to the school.

The outcomes: The young people were tasked with researching the legislation, performing chemical analysis to identify the added colours and produce a test report that was presented in a mock court as part of a prosecution.

The impact: The class presented their findings and recommendations, taking into account their research on the legislation and provided defence and prosecution witnesses and legal teams. The project covered practical and theoretical science, modern studies, English, report writing, presentation skills and communication techniques.

This project can now be rolled out to other schools, providing our young people with a real life problem that requires a number of skills and topics to be explored, developed and mastered. A poster is attached showing this work in pictorial format, which one first prize at the Association of Public Analysts Annual Conference.

This case study was published in September 2014.



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