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Glasgow convenes new European innovation city network

Glasgow convenes new European innovation city network

Glasgow City Council and Glasgow City of Science have convened a new European innovation network after achieving finalist city status in the Innovation Capital of Europe (iCapital) competition.

An idea conceived by “Team Glasgow” and outlined in the Glasgow iCapital bid; the first meeting of the iCapital forum was held in Amsterdam in late November 2016, comprising 13 European Cities, senior EC representatives and Scotland Europa. The iCapital network will enable European cities to collaborate in developing and executing innovation strategies for their cities, in developing new and practical methodologies to involve and encourage citizens to innovate, and in exploring what is the optimal role of city governments in fostering city-wide innovations.

The aspirations of this network align perfectly with Glasgow’s new economic strategy which places a strong emphasis on civic and business innovation and as key drivers for improving health, resilience and long-term sustainable growth.

Glasgow is not only open for business, it's open for innovation.

Watch the video featuring some of the city’s top business and academic innovators: 



Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City of Science

The European Capital of Innovation Award – iCapital

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