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New national mission announced to revitalise the River Clyde

A fresh drive to boost shipbuilding and marine engineering on the Clyde while preparing the iconic river for climate change was unveiled at a major economic conference in Glasgow.

Efforts to attract inward investment, bring derelict land back into use, and improve the river for locals and visitors will be key elements of the new “Clyde Mission”, which was unveiled at the State of the City Economy Conference.

Unveiling the strategy before around 700 delegates at the Radisson Blu hotel, economy secretary Derek Mackay said the Scottish Government and agencies such as Scottish Enterprise and SEPA would seek to build on the major investment already being made along the river. These include projects such as the Clyde Waterfront Innovation Campus and the National Manufacturing Institute.

Mr Mackay declared that, just as the Clyde has been historically vital to the Scottish economy, it can be again in the future.

He noted that the new strategy would capitalise on the pipeline of projects already being funded by the Glasgow City Region Deal.

And he said climate change concerns would be addressed by managing the risk of flooding, raising the prospect of water from the Clyde being used to heat local homes.

Mr Mackay said: “Together we have an opportunity to make much better use of the Clyde, and the surrounding land and national strategic assets to help deliver economic, social and environmental ambitions, and help bring those benefits to local people and local communities.

“We can build on the established industries, create new ones as well, attract international talent and investment with our approach, [and] bring vacant and derelict land back into use, working in partnership and using the necessary powers where required.

“We can open up the river again for visitors and communities.”

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