The conference is the largest of its type for phoneticians working all over the world, and is held once every four years.

ICPhS 2015 is being jointly organised by a consortium of four Scottish universities: the University of Glasgow, Queen Margaret University, University of Strathclyde and the University of Edinburgh. In total, 774 papers will be presented covering all kinds of work in phonetics, from speech production and perception, to sociophonetics and phonetic fieldwork, to clinical and forensic phonetics and speech technology. These include 4 plenary sessions, 10 discussant sessions where 50 papers are presented, and 720 papers in regular sessions consisting of 345 oral presentations and 375 poster presentations. Contributions come from 46 countries.

Professor Jane Stuart-Smith, Chair of ICPhS 2015 said, “The last time ICPhS took place in the UK was in 1975, so we’re all very excited that it is happening here in Scotland this summer. It is particularly fitting that ICPhS will be held here – phonetic research has been at home in Scotland since the days of Alexander Graham Bell, and now Scottish research covers most of the major subfields. We are very proud that almost a third of the papers to be presented from the UK were contributed from Scotland.”



International Phonetic Association

University of Glasgow

Queen Margaret University

University of Strathclyde

University of Edinburgh