The multi-disciplinary network involves social science researchers who are engaged with public, private, and third sector partners. The project is funded by the Economic Social Research Council and aims to change the tone of the productivity debate in theory and practice and will look at ways to spread economic spin-offs evenly across the country.

Dr Leaza McSorley, lecturer in economics at Glasgow School for Business and Society, part of Glasgow Caledonian University, will lead a network of PhD researchers who are examining how increased productivity could benefit people who are unemployed or on low incomes.

Dr McSorley said: “Productivity not only drives economic performance it is key to increasing wages, reducing inequality and improving living standards across the different regions of the UK. Increasing productivity is the key way that people will be able to get a pay rise and be able to progress through their careers into more productive jobs.”

The network was officially launched in London on Tuesday, May 22.



Productivity Insights Network

Economic and Social Research Council

Glasgow Caledonian University

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