Each of the city’s 21 Area Partnerships have access to up to £10,000 in grant funding from Glasgow City Council and match funded by Scottish Government.

The council and GCPP is looking for communities to participate in and take decisions on prioritising plans for local areas, a process known as community or participatory budgeting.

The decisions are made in relation to geographical location, what public services and activities already exist and what’s needed to support people in the area, in the future.

Community and voluntary organisations whose proposals meet eligibility criteria will be invited to present their plan at a community budgeting event to be held in their ward.

Final decisions on which community and voluntary organisations are awarded funding will be made following a vote on the day of community budgeting event, by the public.

Those eligible to participate in the vote for their chosen project must be registered on the Electoral Register for the ward boundary within which they are voting.

Jim Gray, Head of Democratic Services, said: “Participatory or community budgeting involves getting residents, community and voluntary groups that are based in or have an interest in a local area, to make decisions on the spending priorities as part of a public budget.

”This is the first time the council has held such a large number of events across the city to enable local people have greater influence over, and input into, how services are developed and delivered in their local area.

“Practically this means engaging citizens and representatives from all parts of the community to discuss what’s needed, make specific proposals and vote on them, as well as giving local people a role in the scrutiny and monitoring process.”

Results of how the money will be spend will be published following each of the community budgeting events which are being held throughout April 2016.



More information on how to get involved with the community budgeting pilot can be found on Glasgow Community Planning Partnership’s website

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