Sustainability, Net-Zero
& CleanTech

What is Sustainability, Net-Zero & CleanTech?

This encompasses the work of public and private institutions engaged in promoting sustainable goals related to human needs, responsible living and environmental protection – including the reduction of social inequalities and addressing the impact of human made climate and environmental change.

Scotland has been ranked as the number one region in the UK for green growth potential and opportunity. This reflects its existing green industrial base (which supports a growing number of green jobs and innovation activity) the take-up of relevant skills and training and the development and use of renewable energy infrastructure.

Sustainability, Net-Zero & CleanTech Market

Turnover in the UK’s low carbon and renewable energy economy was estimated to be £41.2 billion in 2020

£1.5 billion of new investments in low-carbon and renewable energy fields in Glasgow the next 10 years

Globally, billions of pounds of investment is being directed into this sector as demand snowballs for solutions to net zero challenges

Why Glasgow?

Net Zero

Glasgow has pledged to become the UK’s first Net Zero carbon city by 2030

Innovative Tech

Glasgow City has the 6th highest proportion of innovative tech firms specialising in low carbon sectors in Europe

Environmentally Sound

Glasgow ranks 3rd in Scotland’s list of most environmentally sound cities

Renewable Energy

The Glasgow region has over 12,000 renewable energy sites, producing nearly 4,000,000 MWh of energy annually – more than any other UK city

Low Emissions

Glasgow was the first city outside of London to introduce a low-emission zone, and the transition to a green economy will focus on green technology, creating sustainable industry and transport and cutting pollution

In 2019 Glasgow City Council declared a climate and ecological emergency and developed its Glasgow Climate Plan, with a series of green actions underpinning its ambitious ‘net-zero by 2030’ target.

We were also the first UK city to sign the Circular Cities Declaration and publish a Circular Economy Route map, which sets out how Glasgow can achieve economic circularity by 2045. Our regional ‘Greenprint for Investment’ prospectus will contribute to Glasgow and the wider city-region achieving carbon neutrality and will require unprecedented levels of both public, and especially private, sector investment over the long term (an estimated £30 billion in total).

Glasgow is home to a growing ecosystem of Climate Tech businesses, organisations and partnerships across the public, private and third sectors. From harnessing the power of AI and blockchain to eliminating food waste or improving energy efficiency, to using data analytics and the Internet of Things to enhancing biodiversity or monitoring pollution, Glasgow-based entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers are delivering affordable, effective and scalable solutions to the challenges of achieving net zero.

The city region has become an ideal place for starting and developing a clean-tech business as Glasgow’s climate credentials are set to grow from strength to strength as a result of huge investment in the region’s Green Network.

Whitelee Wind Farm at Eaglesham