What is Quantum?

Glasgow’s quantum industry is internationally renowned, hosting the award-winning ‘M squared lasers’, which has established its Quantum Centre at the heart of the Glasgow City Innovation District.

Glasgow has a strong foundation for quantum research and innovation – home to several innovative start-ups, and world-renowned experts and research facilities. Our regional university experts are helping revolutionise quantum technologies with both the University of Glasgow, and University of Strathclyde involved in the UK Quantum Technology Hub in Quantum Enhanced Imaging (QuantIC).

Market Size

£1 Billion
The UK Government has invested £1 bn into quantum technologies – mostly in Scotland

(Source: UK Gov)

Why Glasgow?


Is part of the Government’s £1 billion UK Quantum Technologies Programme (UK-NQTP)

Tech Hubs

Quantic is one of four quantum technology hubs being funded through the Programme in the areas of sensing, imaging, communications and computing


The James Watt Nanofabrication Centre supports a £60 million portfolio of research grants and engages with over 200 companies worldwide

The University of Strathclyde