What is Precision Medicine?

Glasgow boasts one of the largest life sciences clusters in Europe and is home to ground-breaking research and invention in human healthcare and technology, which is made possible by a robust partnership between academia, industry, and the National Health Service (NHS).

Glasgow’s life sciences sector provides an ideal environment for health innovation to thrive, thanks to our four universities, the largest acute hospital complex in Western Europe, and a world-class talent pool. This has led to the production and attraction of international leaders in precision medicine, medical technology, and translational medicine.

Market Size

6,300 Businesses
Across the UK, there are 6,300 life sciences businesses, employing more than 256,000 people

(Source: UK Government)

£3,21 Million
Turnover in the Scottish Life Sciences growth sector was £3,219.3 million in 2020

(Source: Scotgov)

Why Glasgow?

The £1B Queen Elizabeth University Hospital is the largest critical care complex in Western Europe

30% of all the biosafety testing across Europe happens in Glasgow

More than 380 Life Sciences companies in the Glasgow city region turn over £325 million annually

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital