Nano Fabrication

What is Nano Fabrication?

Nanofabrication is high-tech manufacturing at a microscopic scale. It has widespread applications, including in healthcare, security, defence, sustainable energy and electronics.

Global Market


Billion value in 2020


expected value by 2026


Compound annual growth rate between 2021-2026

Why Glasgow?

Glasgow is….

Glasgow is….

Glasgow is….


The University of Glasgow hosts the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre (JWNC), Europe’s leading applied research cleanroom facility used by over 100 quantum technology, sensors, photonics and electronics companies worldwide.

The University of Glasgow has been a world leader in micro and nanofabrication techniques for over 45 years supporting ground breaking research in photonics, high speed and high-power electronics, nano surface texturing and quantum technologies. The JWNC was created in 2005 to bring together the micro and nanofabrication equipment and lab facilities across the University creating a single facility with a central investment and expansion plan, and accelerating innovation by increasing interaction between disciplines with nanofabrication interest and research expertise.

Our Nano Fabrication Ecosystem

Glasgow has over 35 years’ experience in the field and spin-out companies from University of Glasgow’s research already employ over 500 people in Scotland.

The JWNC is currently collaborating with 37 Universities and Research institutions worldwide underpinning a grant portfolio of £53M at the University of Glasgow and £65M at other institutions. This includes the UK National Quantum Technology Programme where it is fabricating components for all four Hubs.

Commercially, the centre has supported the product development and production activities of 170 companies from 23 countries in the last 3 years via Kelvin Nanotechnology, their industrial interface company.