Advanced Telecommunications

What is Advanced Telecommunications?

The Advanced Telecommunications Sector encompasses businesses and institutions developing next-generation communications network standards. While the 5G network is predominantly focused on enabling Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and industrial automation, 6G will aim to seamlessly integrate the digital, physical and human worlds, redefining how we work and live.

5G has the potential to revolutionise digital communications and create real social impact in Scotland – from public health to the environment. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of ensuring everyone has access to good quality connectivity.

Advanced Telecommunications Market

The annual global economic output enabled by the 5G/6G economy is expected to be $13.2 trillion by 2035
(source: IHS Markit)

The global 6G market is estimated to touch $1.04 bn in 2028 and is expected to reach $40.99 bn by 2032
(Source: Brandessence Market Research)

Scotland aims to add £17 bn and 160,000 jobs by 2035 by enhancing its 5G capability
(Source: Digital Scotland)

Why Glasgow?

Connected City

Glasgow has the highest Long Range (LoRA) IoT coverage of any UK city (99% across 22 gateways)

5G Coverage

In 2021,
Glasgow had the 3rd highest 5G coverage across the UK

Smart Systems

First city in UK to provide a combined Wi-Fi & cellular network in subway stations, future-proofing smart ticketing systems

The University of Glasgow

Glasgow is moving up the ranks as a UK digital infrastructure leader, ranked the UK’s second most innovative city outside of London and top in Scotland for innovation infrastructure, including digital and physical connectivity [UK Cities 2021 Knight Frank].

Glasgow is well on its way to being the best connected city in the UK with over 5,000km of planned and deployed full fibre digital infrastructure. The city has a fit-for-purpose and future-proofed digital infrastructure with a number of providers investing across the city, including CityFibre and BT.

With access to world-class research assets, a highly-educated talent pipeline, and a strong cluster in dedicated technology operations for the advanced telecommunications sector, the city region has become an ideal place for starting and developing your business.

The city-region’s universities have significant 5G/6G research assets, and capabilities:

Beyond the city boundary, the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) is leading in the development of the 5G Network through SliceNet. This enables close collaboration among 5G operators by removing technical barriers and leveraging AI to create smart service operations.

The Scotland 5G Centre (a research centre involving a range of consortium partners, including the University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde) has five private 5G network testbeds across Scotland. The Scottish government has committed £4 million to the project to power 5G-facilitated economic growth in the country.

The University of Strathclyde, Cisco and the Scotland 5G Centre will deliver a pioneering new private 5G Cloud Core network to specifically support and underpin research into private networks in rural connectivity projects.

The Glasgow Riverside Innovation District will deliver a 5G-enabled Smart Campus at the University of Glasgow. £5.3 million of Scottish Government funding will help equip the Gilmorehill campus as an urban 5G testbed for the communication solutions required for sustainable, attractive and resilient cities.

Glasgow University is set to become home to the world’s first facility to comprehensively test the ability of prototype devices to process 6G after securing a £2.6 million equipment grant.