Glasgow has been rated among the most ‘AI-savvy’ cities in the UK, according to new research carried out by Yell.

Glasgow came sixth in a poll of consumers asked whether they used artificial intelligence on a daily basis – outranking Belfast, Birmingham and London.

Among Glasgow’s poll participants, 16 per cent said they used the technology every day.

Cardiff was top nationally with 23 per cent of poll participants saying they used AI with Liverpool second on 19 per cent.

With AI-based household tech such as smart speakers and online tools such as chatbots and smart-saving apps already revolutionising the way we conduct our daily lives, Yell’s report delves into more detail about how we interact with the technology.

By using insight gained from extensive surveys with over 2,000 consumers from across the country, the findings help to shine a light on current attitudes towards AI, and how businesses could shape the way they operate as a result. 

Despite London being the centre of technological advances and a stereotypically tech-savvy city, in this instance the capital falls just outside of the top ten, in 11th place with 14 per cent of Londoners using AI every day. 

Looking ahead to the next 10 years, Liverpool is the city that is predicted to see the most dramatic future increase in AI uptake. With two thirds (66 per cent) of Liverpudlians predicting that they’ll use the tech daily, the city will see a 47 per cent increase in those using AI vs today.