A Glasgow Caledonian University student who donated ambulances to help refugees in war zones is heading to Afghanistan to deliver baby ventilators to a hospital.

Umran Ali Javaid, who has delivered more than 30 second-hand ambulances to conflict zones in Ukraine, Burma, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, bought the three ventilators after reading a BBC News Online article about a dire lack of equipment at a hospital in Ghor.

The International Tourism and Events graduate will leave Glasgow today to deliver a fourth ambulance to Ukraine before travelling to Afghanistan via train and plane to hand over the ventilators.

He said: “The BBC report told how babies were dying because the hospital had no ventilators. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“I have experience with ambulances however I didn’t know anything about ventilators.

“I consulted with medics and doctors about what type of ventilator would be suitable and was able to procure two neonatal ventilators and one portable ventilator.

“The ventilators have rechargeable backup batteries installed that can keep the ventilators working.

“There’s a million people in the province and it will only make a small difference but I felt I had to do something.”

Umran received a BBC Scotland award for his relief efforts in December last year.

Scotland’s People 2022 highlighted people across the country who have gone above and beyond to help those around them.