Sue has shed light on some of the darkest aspects of human violence, using forensic science to help many hundreds of people to identify the remains of loved ones and bring closure to tragic events, as well as bringing numerous criminals to justice both at home and in some of the world’s most dangerous conflict zones.

She will discuss her unprecedented personal experiences and her deep commitment to scientific rigour, which leads her to push the frontiers of forensic science to ensure that the cause of justice is supported by the best quality science. Her focus on robust evidence is disrupting current practice, too much of which is based on inconclusive methods.

Sue will discuss the importance of breaking out of academic silos and the need to fully embrace interdisciplinary approaches in order to avert miscarriages of justice and rebuild public trust in the scientific method.

The dinner will be held on Thursday, October 11 and also includes an interactive three-round quiz, which will this year focus on forensics while testing guests’ attention to detail. The event will be MCed by Fred MacAuley and includes a sparkling drinks reception and three course meal prepared by the science centre’s in-house chefs.



Question of Science

Glasgow Science Centre