When completed, the £228 million City of Glasgow College super campus will be the size of 11 football pitches, have its own roof garden and be home to around 40,000 students a year. The project will see state-of-the-art buildings created on existing college land in the city centre on Cathedral Street and on the banks of the River Clyde.

Key features will include around 300 Classrooms of the Future with the latest technology including writable walls and lecture theatres which can host performances and convert into kitchens for Masterchef style demonstrations.

Other unique features will include a cabin of an airplane, a working ships engine room, a ship simulator allowing students to experience the bridge of a huge Super Tanker and a renewable energy centre.

The first phase of the twin-site super campus, the Riverside Campus which is being built on the banks of the Clyde, is set to open in August 2015, delivering Centres for Excellence in specialist engineering, marine and nautical education.

Principal Paul Little of City of Glasgow College said: “We are equipping young people for the world of 21st century work and this will be a truly state of the art campus, as never seen before, built to bring employers, students and teachers together in a 21st century industry standard working environment.

“It will help us put college education on the map and ensure Scotland can be proud of its world leading Colleges as well as its world leading universities.”

The full construction of the campus is supporting over 150 construction jobs and 40 new apprenticeships. Phase 2, the City Campus, is being built in the heart of Glasgow on Cathedral Street and will open in August 2016.


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