VentureJam Youth Programme is the official youth talent development strand of VentureFest.

VentureJam focuses on inclusion and equality of opportunity and involves teams of young people from a range of backgrounds working together to develop fresh ideas which solve real-world ‘green’ business challenges.

Every year VentureJam showcases young people that are truly passionate about helping people and the planet by innovating a brighter future.

Young Scot and Glasgow City of Science and Innovation run a weekend ‘Jam’ that involves teams of young people developing innovative and creative ideas to solve real world challenges.

Throughout the Jam weekend, the participants have the opportunity to work directly with a team of inspirational mentors, as well as receiving guidance from Young Scot, who support them through the creative process.

VentureJam is open to groups of around five people aged 14-20 or you can apply as an individual. No experience required!

Whatever your thing, we want you to  get excited about working in teams to create new ideas to make our lives and our environment better.