The MAK designed and built 20 tonne engine is the vital component in what is the most modern working engine room in a college in the UK, if not Europe, underlining the World Class facilities which City of Glasgow College offers students wishing to become Marine Engineers.

Mr Platten described the working engine room as ground breaking: “It is really an impressive facility giving students a real experience of what it’s like to run a ships engine in a controlled environment. I haven’t seen anything like it, it’s inspirational.”

City of Glasgow College Principal and Chief Executive, Paul Little, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Guy Platten to the college to see this significant investment and witness Glasgow’s maritime centre of excellence.”

The working engine room gives trainees access to a real marine diesel engine in full running condition and subject to the same routines as would be carried out on board ship. Students can carry out full preparation for starting the ship’s engine ready for sea going duty.

Trainees will learn, in a realistic and demanding environment, the safe operation of machinery, including:

  • start up, running and shut down of medium and high speed diesel engines and AC generators, under varying load conditions;
  • monitoring of engine ancillary systems, including fuel, charge air, lubrication and cooling;
  • operation of high pressure start air system, including compressor and air receiver;
  • parallel operation of AC generators to share electrical load by manual synchronisation; and
  • operation of bilge pumping system.

Supplied, delivered and fitted by Imps UK Ltd of Lincoln, the engine can be used as the main engine for a coastal vessel or as a diesel generator for a large marine vessel. In its current situation it will be used to drive an alternator which will supply the power to run the plant.



City of Glasgow College