The University of the West of Scotland (UWS) conducts pioneering work in Sensor and imaging technology, and 5G networks.

The UWS Institute of Thin Films, Sensors and Imaging (TFSI) collaborates across industry sectors to support a range of applications, from telecoms and optics to bio-engineering and barrier coatings for pharmaceuticals and food products.

‘Self-healing’ network for 5G system

The UWS Artificial Intelligence, Visual Communication and Networks Institute led the ground-breaking SELFNET programme, aimed at developing a ‘self-healing’ mobile network meaning signal blackspots in rural areas are consigned to history.

Self healing & stable connectivity will bring dramatic improvements to the user experience, and enable future capabilities in areas such as driverless cars, remote ‘mobile’ surgery, and network security via novel self-protection technologies.

Other high impact UWS programmes and industrial collaborations include:
  • Wearable medical devices – UWS support for Snap40 technology and applications.
  • Portable, fast-response CO2 sensors – UWS supported development by Gas Sensing Solutions of a sensor to determine the correct intensity of exercise for athletes.
  • Self-healing mobile network applications ─SELFNET has now completed and SLICENET has begun, with the aim of applying the self-healing/managing network technology to specific use-cases, including power grid management, ambulance management and smart cities.
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