There is hardly any industry that doesn’t make use of Sensing & Imaging Systems (SIS), and the technology is now becoming embedded in everyday life – improving productivity and generating profits.

The global SIS market is worth £500 billion and it enables technologies across many Scottish industrial sectors, including transport, def

ence, energy, health, renewables, oil and gas, and ocean science.

Why Glasgow?

Photonics and nanotechnology are just some of the strengths of Glasgow’s high technology cluster, and it is vital to future quantum industries. The UK’s first Fraunhofer Research Centre is based in the city, and Glasgow has become one of the leading European centres for innovative laser manufacture.

Companies within the region have won 12 awards from 27, from the latest round of the Innovate UK Quantum Technologies Fund in partnership with Scottish higher education institutions.

Glasgow is also home to CENSIS – The Centre of Excellence for sensing, imaging and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

CENSIS work with private and public organisations of all sizes to de-risk and accelerate innovation and overcome technology barriers to achieve business transformation.

They have completed 249 projects to date worth a total of £48.9m.