The largest NHS R&D department in Scotland, NHS GGC works with academia and industry to foster a collaborative approach to developing innovative health solutions.

Through this ‘triple helix’ partnership, the R&D service aims to drive transformative change in healthcare and stimulate economic growth. The West of Scotland Allied Health Science Network and NHS research Scotland enable close collaboration between the NHS and academia across the region and Scotland.

NHS GG&C supports over 450 principal investigators, who in 2017-18 undertook 285 commercial studies and 595 non-commercial studies, involving more than 10,000 patients

NHS GG&C and academic partner, the University of Glasgow, have dedicated research and innovation staff and advanced infrastructure and facilities, with rapid access to imaging technologies, high quality health data and clinical samples. This provides a robust setting for clinical trials and testing of new devices, products and methods of service delivery ─ including novel precision medicine approaches.

High-impact research projects include:

  • Trauma life support tool ─ developing a decision support app to improve the management of patients with trauma; collaboration between NHS GGC, Scottish Trauma Network companies and DaySix Ltd, funded by iUK. [link to project example paragraph, below]
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) preventative service model ─ integrating digital health, home monitoring and other innovations within the continuum of care for patients, in collaboration with StormID, KenSci, and ResMed, and funded by iUK.
  • Response reporting tool for mesothelioma ─ developing an artificial intelligence-enabled automated system for improved (and lower cost) analysis of CT scans; collaboration between NHS GGC and Canon, funded by Cancer Innovation Challenge Phase 2.
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