The MEARU at Glasgow School of Art undertakes strategic and applied research into several aspects of sustainable environmental building design, including health and wellbeing in buildings.

MEARU’s work influences public policy, professional practice in the architecture and construction industries, and the wellbeing of homeowners and tenants.

Airtight modern homes can suffer from a build-up of harmful chemicals and moisture. Following a MEARU-led change in building regulations in Scotland, all new build properties must now be equipped with CO2 sensors to show residents how well their houses are ventilated.

In 2012, an EPSRC-funded study by MEARU found that washing and drying laundry indoors has detrimental effects on indoor air quality, occupant health and building condition. The resulting ‘Design Guide: Healthy Home Energy Laundering’ ( was featured in national media. MEARU staff collaborate with researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Strathclyde.

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