Early in 2020, it quickly became apparent that kit to enable the continued delivery of essential services across Glasgow would be critical. Beyond research and tech-based innovation, various organisations across the City Region have been repurposing equipment and collaborating to provide vital kit to support the fight against COVID-19.


Protective equipment made its way to the NHS thanks to Glasgow Caledonian University’s 3D-printing operation. The Innovation School at Kelvinside Academy has also played their part, utilising their Prusa 3D printers to manufacture Personal Protective Equipment for local NHS workers. And colleagues in the School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences are using UWS’s cutting-edge 3D printerproduced PPE in the form of protective visors for the NHS. In addition, a large number of Scottish engineers, scientists and manufacturers have come together and turned their expertise to producing needed equipment for NHS workers and ventilators for patients in the fight against coronavirus.

Hand Sanitiser

A solution to the shortage of hand sanitiser was urgently required. Staff at Glasgow Scientific Services capitalised on over 50 years of combined experience in dealing with sanitising products and the associated safety requirements to fill this gap. In addition to their typical essential scientific services, they manufactured, bottled and labelled hand sanitising products that met World Health Organisation standards. By producing thousands of litres of hand sanitiser, key social care and frontline services were able to continue to operate safely. As the laboratory is a shared service with other local authorities, the scale of manufacture also allowed many other local authorities to receive the sanitiser during the lockdown period when supplies were scarce. Production and distribution were also extended to other key workers, such as frontline cleansing and transport services, enabling food and pharmacy deliveries to continue to be distributed across the city in a safe manner.

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