Glasgow is involved in the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) supported Programme ‘Scotland’s 8th City – the Smart City’.

This £60 million investment, including £25 million ERDF support, is intended to make Scotland’s cities smarter, using new technologies to accelerate and transform the delivery of services.

Utilising this investment, Scotland’s seven cities aim to become more attractive, liveable and resilient through data and digital technology – improving the cities for their citizens and making them more attractive to potential investors who are increasingly looking at sustainability as a draw.

Glasgow is delivering 5 projects as part of the overall programme:

Data Analytics / Open Data – exploring how data science techniques, design and open data can help solve some of our complex city challenges

Smart Communities: Mobile Working – using innovative engagement to co-develop mobile applications with and for front line staff – these improve the efficiency and quality of service using data and digital applications. Early adopters relate to homecare, transport services, and rubbish uplifts

Smart Services: Waste – deployment of 400 smart bin sensors to monitor and improve street cleansing operations across targeted neighbourhoods

Smart Infrastructure: Intelligent Street Lighting – deployment of a new lighting, control and sensor network across 3,000 points in Glasgow City Centre, enabling the smart management of street lighting and investment in IoT infrastructure for other applications.

Smart Infrastructure: Water Management – development of smart systems to manage in real time water levels in Glasgow Canals and watercourses.

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