Glasgow based Clyde Space is a leader in the field of miniature spacecraft, with 40 space programmes to date.

This award-winning company makes tiny satellites, called CubeSats, which piggyback on other launches, minimising costs and boosting commercial viability of space research.

Clyde Space are helping to make Glasgow the European capital of space communication.

Clyde Space was one of the first companies in history to begin mass manufacture of miniature spacecrafts, and is now capable of producing ten small spacecrafts each month. The company is also developing a ground station to control its low-orbit CubeSats directly from Glasgow.

Scotland’s space industry plans to grow its value to £4 billion by 2030. Clyde Space recently won a £1 million deal to build three nano-satellites for the American global broadcast company Outernet Inc, funded by the UK Space Agency. Spire Global, a US satellite analytics company and key Clyde Space customer, has relocated to Glasgow to access the city’s expertise, manufacturing heritage and vibrancy.

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