The most modern and technologically advanced maritime campus in the world.

The Scottish maritime sector contributes £2.7 billion to the Scottish economy and supports almost 55,000 jobs. Scotland has a strong maritime history, and the City of Glasgow College is the leading UK centre for maritime engineering and nautical training, training approximately one third of UK cadets. Its award-winning Riverside Campus on the south bank of the Clyde is the most modern and technologically advanced maritime campus in the world and the College works collaboratively with over 120 international partners to provide leadership in training and education within this global industry.

Pioneering applied research programmes

The College is recognised for its work on pioneering applied research programmes including the development of the worlds most advanced polar navigation simulation experience, which aims reduce the likelihood of catastrophic accidents at sea. A recently published programme of research delivered by the College’s Innovation and STEM team highlights the dangers associated with entering into enclosed spaces and is currently being used to reduce the number of instances of loss of life at sea.
As a partner within the Scottish Maritime Cluster, the College maintains strong links to industrial partners including Clyde Marine Training, Caledonian MacBrayne and Ship Safe Training as well as international partners such as MAERSK Shipping, Global Marine Systems, V Ships, BP Marine and Sonangol USA.

Glasgow hosts the most modern and technologically advanced maritime campus in the world

The City of Glasgow College’s Riverside Campus hosts Scotland’s most advanced integrated shipping simulator suite, including a full mission engine room simulator, high voltage facility, and four simulator labs for studying electronic navigation, safety and positioning systems. A working engine room gives trainees access to a real marine diesel engine. Around three and half thousand students from across the UK and around the world benefit from programmes designed by national and international industry partners to develop the maritime workforce of the future.

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