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Resilient Glasgow leads the way amongst global network of cities with shared challenges

MonPMUTCE_February+0000RFebPMUTC_0C6 Low Carbon and Renewables

Dr Judith Rodin, president of The Rockefeller Foundation gives her opinion about Glasgow's role in leading the way in responding to and planning for challenges amongst resilient cities around the globe.

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Glasgow City of Botanists

ThuPMUTCE_December+0000RDecPMUTC_0C6 Low Carbon and Renewables

In 2015, Science Centres and Botanical gardens across Europe will celebrate local biodiversity. Joanne Dempster, Glasgow City of Science's OPAL Community Scientist who is based at Glasgow Science Centre, has been finding out about the great scientists and explorers who founded Glasgow's Botanic Gardens and put Glasgow on the Botanical Science map.

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Glasgow’s Green Year 2015 – ‘From Steam to Green’

ThuPMUTCE_October+0000ROctPMUTC_0C6 Low Carbon and Renewables

Glasgow is to host its first ever 'themed' year in 2015 - a Green Year. The Green Glasgow team are working on a calendar of events that will showcase the transformation 'From Steam To Green'...

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