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Glasgow City Region – a new European City Region of Innovation

MonPMUTCE_August+0000RAugPMUTC_0C6 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Glasgow City Region is emerging as a new European City Region of Innovation. Kevin Rush, Director of Regional Economic Growth, outlines our three Innovation Districts which are underpinned by City Deal investment from the UK and Scottish governments.

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Equality Through Innovation: The Problem Solver

ThuAMUTCE_October+0000ROctAMUTC_0C6 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Equality Through Innovation is a new blog series profiling inspirational social innovators working in Glasgow and the West of Scotland to tackle inequalities in unique, impactful ways. 

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Taking social robot research into the wild

MonPMUTCE_March+0000RMarPMUTC_0C6 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

What happens when you take robotics research out of the lab and into a real life rural setting? What are the human perceptions of a water carrying robotic system? A team from the University of Glasgow and AMMACHI Labs at Amrita University in Kerala, India carried out a feasibility study with funding from Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) and Amrita University, Kerala, India.

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Computational intelligence at the service of the engineering sector

FriAMUTCE_April+0000RAprAMUTC_0C6 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

Meet the ICE Lab at the University of Strathclyde, where the gap between computational intelligence and real world engineering challenges is narrowed.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) in Medtech Development

WedAMUTCE_April+0000RAprAMUTC_0C6 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

The University of Strathclyde has an enviable record of experience in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs). During Engage with Strathclyde Week in early May 2017, there's a suite of events with a focus on biomedical engineering project successes and how your company can benefit from their know-how.

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Data, Data Everywhere

ThuAMUTCE_April+0000RAprAMUTC_0C6 Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

As part of the Engage with Strathclyde Week, organisations across all sectors can get insight and support from a SMART consultancy unit based at the University's Department of Statistics and Mathematics to help approach the data challenges faced in their business and solve real world problems.

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