With under 2 weeks to go until Explorathon 2017 – Scotland’s European Researchers’ Night (29-30 September), we are highlighting Glasgow’s exciting programme of events and the researchers involved!


Forge Ahead

Back and even bigger than last year, we’ll be taking research to The Forge Shopping Centre from 10am-5pm on the 29th of September. Drop by and see what’s going on in the world of physics with exciting activities to try while you take a break from shopping.

Delve into the world of quantum physics with University of Strathclyde scientists and discover the properties of light; find out what quantum computers are and use lasers to make the coldest place in the universe!

Visualise speech using hi-tech ultra-sound equipment to see how your tongue moves when you speak. Chat to speech scientists from the University of Strathclyde about how children’s speech develops from a young age and how your speech may be affected after experiencing a stroke.

Check out the University of Strathclyde’s Images of Research Gallery, which contains with colourful and eye-catching photographs of research from rusty forensics, to water in plants and pretty crystals that make up medicine.

The Glasgow Children’s University will be there to validate children’s ‘passports for learning’ for taking part in activities outside school hours. So come along and add another stamp to your passport!


Museums Unlocked

For one day only, we’ll be taking over Glasgow’s museums with interactive activities to try at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, The Hunterian and the Riverside Museum.

Highlights include the hidden histories of beauty products where you can discover historical beauty products, packaging & advertising with researchers from the University of Glasgow. For the keen birdwatcher you can learn why urban sparrows are disappearing from green spaces and how you can help them come back! You’ll find this and much more at Kelvingrove Unlocked from 11am-4pm on the 29th of September.

Drop in to the Hunterian from 10am-4pm on the 29th of September and discover the museum’s famous collections. Book your free evening discovery ticket to our Explorathon Extravaganza at the Riverside Museum from 6-10pm on the 29th of September. Take part in our social media competition and tell us what you would research if you were a researcher, with even more prizes to be won by becoming an ‘Images of Research’ super sleuth; find all the images on the trail to win a prize!

Need some more convincing? Take a look at the fun we had last year:

Visit the Explorathon website for the full programme of events and discover how you can get involved in events in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and St. Andrews. All events are free however booking may be required. Follow us on social media for the latest updates: @ernscot #explorathon17

Look-out for more posts, each week on the run up to Explorathon 2017, as we reveal more of the exciting programme!

*EXPLORATHON (European Researchers’ Night Scotland) is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Sklowdowska-Curie Actions programme. Grant agreement No 722967