What is Immersive Technology?

The term ‘Immersive Technologies’ covers a range of different technologies which provide you with the experience of being immersed in, or enable you to view or interact with simulated objects and environments. These range from 360-degree photography and video to Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Virtual and Augmented Reality offer a new medium for visualisation. Where previous technologies allowed us only two-dimensional representations, these new immersive technologies will allow us to experience three dimensional environments that can occupy our entire field of view.

Why Glasgow?

The Central Belt Region of Scotland is

home to 90% of Scotland’s enabling technology companies.

The Enabling Tech sector

is hugely important to Scotland and the UK, representing one of the most BERD and export-intensive sub sectors for the economy as a whole.

Enabling tech represents

17% of all Scottish R&D spend and has a world class BERD figure of £200M (5.0% of turnover).

Glasgow School of Art, with its international reputation in the visual creative disciplines, has a strong foundation for innovation in immersive technologies. The School is ranked 8th in the world for art and design subjects, 5th in Europe and 3rd in the UK. The school’s cross-disciplinary approach encompasses design, animation, software production and staff collaborations with industrial and civic partners.

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